RMMG Increase 2022 + Exceptional Measure Compensation RMMG Increase

RMMG Increase 2022 + Exceptional Measure Compensation RMMG Increase

Please be advised that the increase in the national minimum wage to the value of €705 with effect from 01/01/2022 was approved.


In this sense, through Decree-Law nº 109-B/2021, the Portuguese government creates an exceptional compensation measure.


Exceptional RMMG Increase Compensation Measure


  • Subsidy amount:

o 112€ per worker who, in the DMR for December/2021, received the value of the base salary equivalent to the 2021 RMMG (€665)

o 50% of the amount provided for in the previous number when the monthly remuneration amount in December/2021 is lower than the RMMG amount for 2022 and higher than the RMMG 2021


  • When can I apply for support?

o Between 15/January/2022 and 01/March/2022.


  • Paying entity:


  • Institute of Tourism of Portugal


  • Access conditions:

o Have workers who earn the RMMG in December/2021

o Tax and contribution status regularized with the Fiscal Authority and Social Security (at the time of payment)


  • When is payment made?

o Within a maximum period of 30 days from the end of the term (March 1st, 2022)



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