Who We Are

We dedicate to your company our vocation and professional reputation, offering you a complete and personalized management service, provided by our qualified and experienced professionals for over 20 years.

For us, each company is a particular case and requires specific solutions. Therefore, before starting our collaboration, we study your problems and needs and then prepare a proposal that contemplates the objectives to be fulfilled.

20 years of experience in accounting and consulting

Gonçalves & Gomes is a company dedicated to the management of small and medium-sized enterprises. The decision of creating Gonçalves & Gomes appears with the continuous confrontation with the everyday problems faced by companies, with the experience acquired in many years of professional work and with the awareness that there are workable and economically possible solutions.

Small enterprises are faced with a fast and continuous evolution of legal, tax and administrative rules, and do not have responsiveness due to the lack of resources in capital and manpower.

In these circumstances, is almost impossible for a small enterprise, a business establishment or an office directed by a small group or one person only, who lacks the time, experience and specialized knowledge out of their area, to perform, successfully, the organization, management, administration and control of their own business. That efficacy is, undoubtedly, vital to assure its continuity in the future.

Fátima Gonçalves

CEO of Gonçalves & Gomes


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