AT launches a new APP

AT launches a new APP

AT GO is an mobile APP available for IOS and Android, whose purpose is to simplify compliance with the tax obligations of individual taxpayers who carry out a professional activity on their own without organized accounting.

ATGO is a single point of access where these taxpayers can carry out operations and consult their professional activity data registered in the AT.

At this early stage it is possible to:

Issue and consult Receipts, Invoices and Receipt-Invoices.
Consult the professional activity data registered in the AT:
– VAT and IRS framework;
– CAE and CIRS codes and respective start dates;
– View income and expenses.
View statistics with the main activity indicators, such as:
– Income vs Expenses;
– Income per CAE / CIRS;
– Professional Expenses by category;
– Top 5 Clients.
Analyze the evolution of income resulting from the activity over the current year and compared to the same period last year.

New features are also planned to be available in the future.

You can obtain more information by viewing the explanatory video available on AT’s YouTube.


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