Communication Decree-Law No. 78-A/2021

Communication Decree-Law No. 78-A/2021

Please be advised that Decree-Law No. 78-A/2021 was published on September 28, 2021, in the Republic Gazette, which aims to: Change the exceptional and temporary measures relating to the COVID-19 disease pandemic, as of 01 st October 2021.

Among some of the changes, we name:

« Article 13 -B […]

1 – The use of masks or visors is mandatory to access or stay inside the following places:

a) Commercial spaces and establishments, including shopping centers, with an area greater than 400 m2 ;
b) Citizen Shops;
c) Education, teaching and crèche establishments, except in outdoor recreational spaces;
d) Concert halls, cinematographic film exhibition halls, congress halls, venues for events of a corporate nature, improvised venues for events, namely cultural, or similar;
e) Enclosures for sporting events and celebrations;
f) Health facilities and services;
g) Residential or reception structures or home support services for vulnerable populations, elderly people or people with disabilities, as well as integrated continuous care units of the National Integrated Continuous Care Network and other residential structures and responses dedicated to children and young people;
h) Locations where this is determined in the norms of the General Directorate of Health.

2 — It is mandatory to wear masks or visors by workers in bars, clubs, restaurants and similar, as well as commercial and service establishments where physical contact with the customer necessarily occurs.

3 — The obligation referred to in the previous numbers is waived when, depending on the nature of the activities, its use is impracticable.

4 — The use of masks or visors is mandatory when using public transport for passengers, including air transport, as well as when transporting passengers by taxi or TVDE.

5 — For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, the use of public passenger transport begins under the terms of paragraph 2 of article 2 of Law no. 28/2006, of 4 July, in its current wording , this precept being applicable to air transport, with the necessary adaptations.

6 — The obligation to use a mask or visor under the terms of this article is only applicable to persons over the age of 10, except in educational and educational establishments, in which the obligation to use a mask by students only applies from of the 2nd cycle of basic education, regardless of age

11 — In the workplace, the employer may implement technical and organizational measures that guarantee the protection of workers, namely the use of adequate personal protective equipment, such as masks or visors, without prejudice to the provisions of Decree-Law no. /97, of April 16, in its current version.


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